Charmin Welcome


Age: Old enough to know every tree pie in the forest, but still young enough to shake it.

Best Advice: Never show up late to a picnic.

Favourite Food: Fresh salmon flown in from Seattle.

Favourtie Activity: Football mascot.

Best known for: The cha-cha-cha-charmin butt-wiggle dance.

can drop its like Its hot


Likes: Long morning walks in the forest.

Dislikes: Finding an empty Charmin roll.

Favourite Indulgences: Honey straight from the hive.

Best Quality: Always known to be willing to lend a helping paw.


Favourite Food: Porridge, not to hot, not too cold.

Favourite Song: 'Less is More', the official Charmin advirtising jingle (see below for lyrics).

Hobbies: Dancing to 'Less is More'.

Life goal: To help save the rainforests.


IMG 6336.JPG


Hobbies:Baseball, football, basketball and teasing his little sister.

Middle name: Trouble

Favourite food: Gummy bears

Best quality: Teaching his younger brother and sister about the ways of the woods.


Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite food: Veggie Pizza

Loves: Her dad

Pet peeves: Dylan and Bill

Life Goal: Being kind to animals.

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